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October 5, 2018
April 8, 2019


Now let’s have a quick frank talk. This is between you and I…

How well do you know your child. Beside their names, school fees, cloths, classes, what else do you know about them? I am not judging or criticizing you but I just want us to have a frank talk…

Who’s his new best friend?

Who’s her best artist?

Who’s the latest hero?

What’s his favorite subject at school?

What’s her best game?

What’s his most dreaded subject?

Who are her click of friends?

Who is her role model?

What’s his grade/performance in school like?

Who does she chat with late in the night?

Who is she crushing on?

Why does he stay up till late in the night?

Do you even know why she talks back at you?

What books catches her fancy?

Have you noticed the mood swing recently?

What’s her sexuality like?

Growing up could be fun for your adolescent and teenagers. Especially if you decide to be their friend and vice versa. Let your children be able to tell you anything about their life.

Some parent will now be like… I don’t want to spoil them ooo…or they will take my friendship for granted. Our friends are people we share our secrets with. They know who we are crushing on or who is catching our fancy. They know our best subject. They know our fears. They know the teacher we hate the most. We take out time to know them more. Most times, we go out of our way to ensure they are safe and well..

Dear parents, take out time to intentionally raise your teenagers. One day, they won’t be under your roof again. Now is the best time to be their friend. Understand that there is a place for discipline. The discipline is the way you handle their cases and reproof them privately. Discipline is not PURNISHMENT.


My dear Parent, you have actually succeeded if your teen can tell you these stuffs, you have succeeded in being their friend. And this relationship goes on for life.

You will succeed. You will end well. You will one day look back and say..it was worth the stress.


Rita Bada, Riospeaks

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