April 26, 2018
May 2, 2018

Creative Thinking

A lot of people link creative thinking to creative art or composing music or painting pictures. These are creative endeavors but it doesn’t make them creative thinkers.

CREATIVE thinking is thinking about new things or new ways of doing things.

It is thinking outside the box

There are a lot of people all over the world today, using their brains to do creative things, and impacting the world for good…

I have somequestions for you today is…

  1. Will you stand aside while others are on their lane, doing creative things and setting new trends?
  2. What does it take to become a creative thinker? To become a creative thinker, there are certain things you must begin to consider..
  •  have an eagerness to learn something new everyday or every now and then. Eagerness involves the willingness to stand or sit tight until you comprehend a subject matter.
  • curiosity : people always say curiosity kills the cat but let me just say… curiosity does not kill a good cat. The difference between people who know something and those who crammed the formula to pass will always show…so today, be a bit curiosity to understand the why behind a course.
  • be disciplined: this is one attribute of a creative thinker. You must discipline yourself in other not to loose your line of thought.
  1. How can I creatively think?
  • .Brain storm: take 10 minutes of your time, get a sheet of paper and write everything relating to the topic or question at hand
  • Train your brain: everybody has a brain but not everybody is training their brain. Every problem has a solution. Tell your brain there is always a way out and begin to think about the solution. Your brain is like a muscle. It is only when you exercise it that you get the best out of it. Example, solve a puzzle or a math question…
  • Draw a diagram and link other words to it.
  • Break and build: some people are good at dismantling an item and then in the process of recouping it , the idea drops on how to creatively carry out a task or an assignment
  1. What is the product of creative thinking? Creatively thinking gives you the right of passage to the bigger world…
  • it distinguishes you
  • speeds up your career.
  • you struggle less and achieve more
  • you become a voice for innovation
  • increases your earning power.
  • increases your self confidence
  • Helps you to make a difference
  1. What are the influencers of creative thinking?
  • your environment
  • your problem or challenges
  • your culture or beliefs

As you step out today, decide to become a creative thinker and impact your world for good. It will amaze you how much change this decision will cause

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