April 26, 2018


What exactly is the difference between discipline and punishment? Are they the same or can they be used interchangeable? Many people use discipline and punishment interchangeably. But they are not synonyms. Discipline and punishment are not the same thing. Discipline is the practice of training someone to behave in accordance with rules or a code of behavior.When it comes to correcting your child’s misbehavior, there’s a big difference between punishment and discipline. While punishment focuses on making a child suffer for breaking the rules, discipline is about teaching him how to make a better choice next time. Example 1: A three-year-old throws his crayons on the floor. Punishment: Tell him he is a bad boy and slap his fingers. Discipline: Tell him to pick up the crayons. Explain that they could get broken or mark up the floor. Put them out of the child’s reach until the next day. Effective Discipline Strategies

  1. Be a role model: the ability to learn by observing is unique to human. Parents model the way you want your child to behave
  2. Use positive discipline: this involves praise and reward system
  3. Be consistent: make healthy rules and let them know the consequences for breaking the rules.


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