May 4, 2018
August 4, 2018


Hello guys,

I have often wondered why people change their real identity. They are fond of wearing different mask for different seasons and occasions.

Today, I see people posing with what is not their own. They enter economic class and take selfies in first class seats…lol… they even pose with limousine that is not their own. They take pictures in front of mansions that are not theirs. They do all this just to impress people. They give people a false impression that hey have arrived while they are just beginning. Everyone seeing you begins to think waooo…he is living an amazing life!

Well I am here to say that you can DO YOU….BE REAL…

Don’t live a fake life.

The hardest thing anyone can do is to compete with the lies they told others. Trying so hard to be that person they have told the world they are not.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are now …let people know how you were before you got to there…

Let them know that you are a real human who didn’t arrive at success suddenly.

Be proud of you…

Be proud of your story…

Someone out there needs your story to get inspired.

Someone out there needs to make a decision that will transform destinies.

Enjoy YOU on the way to becoming a better YOU .

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