April 8, 2019


We live in a world where we are constantly in conflict with other people’s views, ideas, way of life or their daily

 routine. However, for us to maintain our peace of mind, we will need to accept that conflict will arise one way or the other but we must also learn to keep strife far away from our lives.

The dictionary has defined strife as angry or violent disagreement between two people or groups of people. I believe that strife starts first within a person before it is expressed as an action. It could begin as a result of the conversations we allow to go on in our heads. These conversations especially when negative could lead to physical harm and will eventually be released when given the necessary environment. Take for instance, a couple who had a quarrel before leaving for church on a Sunday morning. They went in separate cars and the woman had to wait briefly for women’s meeting. After sometime, she was uncomfortable having breathing problems and decided to check her car for her inhaler. Only to discover she left it in her husband car. She decided to call him but he won’t pick. She headed straight for the house and kept calling his line. Meanwhile, the husband saw all the missed calls and intentionally ignored them because he was still angry at what she did in the morning. She finally managed to drive into the compound and was still calling. When he saw her car, he was expecting she will come in as usual. But she could not make it. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20minutes, when she  didn’t come out and he was forced to check on her and that was when he realized his error. It was too late. She died while in the car gasping for air.All the time, she was calling, she wanted to apologize and also request for her inhaler in his car. Strife is a dangerous enemy to allow into your home.

Strife opens the door to so many things..

  • It could destroy marriages
  • It could break families ties
  • It could lead to declining health
  • It could lead to betrayal of loved ones
  • It could lead to death
  • It could split small groups or communities
  • It could hinder growth and stability
  • It will steal your peace of mind

When we deal with strife the right way, it could become an opportunity for growth in our individual lives and a community as a whole.

Here is how to deal with strife

  • Recognize strife: once you know where a conversation is likely leading to, recognize it and deal precisely with it.
  • Be ready to go first: be the first to seek for peace. Don’t let pride get in the way of peaceful living.
  • Pray for them: take out time to pray for that person. it’s impossible to pray for someone you are passionately praying for
  • Reflect and search your own heart: ask yourself some fundamental questions about the issue.
  • Don’t take it personal
  • Meet face to face: certain conflicts are better resolved when physical contact is considered.
  • Listen attentively: don’t listen with the in tension of getting back at the person but rather with the heart of reconciling peacefully
  • Take responsibility
  • Stand your ground : this is especially so if the matter at hand is one that you can not shift ground on. Example if someone is sexually abusing you , there is need to report to the right authorities for speedily action.
  • Bring in someone else if necessary.

Living a life void of strife is possible it is only a decision ahead.

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