May 2, 2018
August 3, 2018


As seen in part 1, spiritual window shopping is a life style of just flipping through the word without applying it to your life. It means knowing the word of God without claiming its promises or allowing it to come true in your life.
And we looked at the children of Israel ,who saw themselves as grasshoppers after spying the land of Canaan. However, there were two (Caleb and Joshua)spies who had a different report. They believed that they could conquer the giants and take very the land. They were not just window shoppers. They want the real deal.
There are 3lessons to emulate from the life of Caleb…
1. CONFIDENCE AND COURAGE: in life, you will need confidence and courage to face every giant you meet. Caleb didn’t deny there were giants in Canaan , of course they were everywhere. While other window shoppers saw themselves as grasshoppers, Caleb saw himself through the eye of God . Sometimes, we need to be delivered from the grasshopper mentality before we can actually face our giant in life. Your confidence shows your faith. Faith is not a blind leap but a deep settled conviction that God will do what he has promised.
A long time ago in the soviet union, a group of Christians secretly entered into an underground house to hold service. People entered at different hours so they won’t be noticed. In the evening, when they were ready for the service, they started singing in low voices a lovely hymn . Suddenly, two soldiers entered and with their guns raised high, they shouted “if you are ready to die for Christ, remain here but if you love your life, step out of the building. One by one ,people began to leave until only a few remained. Then the soldiers dropped their guns and said “we too are Christians, we were in a Service like this some time ago and was arrested by God. We gave our lives to Christ and ever since then have been committed to following him. We were sent like this sometime ago to arrest a group of Christians in another house but instead, we were converted. We have learnt by experience that unless people are willing to die for Christ, they can not be trusted.
This is a good story that illustrates courage. The pastor and those that stayed behindwere afraid but they stayed with their little ones and family members.
Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face your fears and keep moving forward. Courage and confidence are two things that will empower your shopping experience. They will empower your Christian life

2. COMMITMENT: Caleb was committed to the things of God . He had already seen a lot to fully follow God. In Joshua 14 : 8,9 and 14, it was recorded that Caleb fully followed the Lord. It was recorded six times through the Bible that Caleb continued to trust God.
According to Numbers 14:1-6, the Israelites refused to enter their promised land because they were afraid and not committed to the covenant keeping God…they even gathered and said… “let’s go back to Egypt … a lot of Christians today are just like these window shoppers. They are ready to go back to Egypt at the slightest provocation. They are ready to return to the old life. The life of bondage. They are yet to burn the boats and bridges that lead back to Egypt. Some of these boats are friends that give us wrong counsel which negates the word of God. Friends that give us negative suggestions to go to herbalist, make rituals or prostitution, fraudulent businesses etc. they tell you the world is a jungle and man must survive anyhow…
Three girls were gisting about their fathers. The first one said… “my dad is a doctor, he practices medicine. Another said.. “my dad is an attorney and he practices law… the third said… “my dad is a Christian but he doesn’t practice anymore…hmm so sad…
Your children are watchingyou. You may never know what they will copy or pick from you. So try at all times to live an exemplary life.
Being committed is proving your faith to the world.
What giants are you battling with today? Caleb had the following giants to deal with…
. the grasshoppers( the people that says it can’t be done)
. the giants (the actual trouble/ challenges)
.the gray hairs (his own physical person…he was already 85years old)…hmmm…sometimes, can it be that you are your own enemy? You become your own enemy when you are lazy, pessimistic and always procrastinating.

3. CONQUERING SPIRIT: Caleb experienced what God has promised as we see in Joshua 14:13-14. He climbed the mountains and he defeated the giants, he claimed his possession. While others died in the wilderness according to Numbers 14: 36-38. God kept Caleb and Joshua because they refused to quit.
A story was told of Derek Redmond who was a British runner. He participated in the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona. As he was running the 400meters race, he fell and everyone thought that was the end of him. But he stood up, cleaned himself and continued the race. As he continued struggling to finish the race, he was almost going to fall again when a man from the crowd came to help him. The man put his arm around the injured runner and together they crossed the finishing line. The whole stadium roared with approval as Derek Redmond completed the race. That man was his father. A lesson from this story is… “when we are facing life’s giant and we are in danger of falling, our heavenly father comes alongside to help us carry on.

Friends, whatever the giants you are facing God is ready to help you finish strong. Is it the giant in your career, business, marriage, ministry, family or finance? What is stopping you from becoming all that God has called you to be? Why are you still in that cage? Why are you still in that box? What is limiting you today? What is your excuse for not succeeding in that venture or exam?
God wants us to do exactly what Caleb did. Caleb had confidence, courage, and he was committed so he conquered. He finally won, though it took him 40years. He never gave up.. he possessed his possession. Age, race,sex, color or country is not a determinant to your success.

Tell yourself, stop doing spiritual window shopping…buy the truth and sell it not…it is the truth you have in your spirit that will set you free not just the one in your head.

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