August 3, 2018
September 4, 2018


More than a year ago, I decided that I was going to live a more fulfilling life.

That I won’t trade success for family life.

That I will make my life count. That I will lend my voice to the younger generation.

That I will make a difference in the life of as many that cross my path.

Guess what???????

I resigned from my paid employment.

I took that step. I made that decision and since then, I have never looked back.Thanks to God and then to my hubby for making the transition easy for me.

Today,I am not where I desire to be but I am certainly not in the same place I used to be.

I have not achieved all that I dreamt of achieving but I am certainly not the same again. There is a shift on my inside. A brand new person. A new me is evolving. A better version of me. And I love the person I am becoming.Hardworking, diligent, resilient, goal getter, loving and the list is endless.

Your decision determines everything.

Sit down…

Think deeply…

Weighthe options…


Carry out your own research…

Ask the right questions…

If possible talk to mentors

Talk to friends…

And don’t forget to talk to God…

Rise and take that DECISION today.


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